Opposites attract – Salted paper and cyanotype curves

I was doing a quick classic cyanotype print to verify a paper (Schut Laurier) indeed works on this process. I knew it did as I’ve used it before in this capacity, but I just wanted to make sure before recommended it. This also create the opportunity to plot the response curve, and since I had a salted paper print on my desk as well, a comparison is easy enough to make!

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UV tube vs led: a quick comparison

I already announced in my previous journal entry, but it arrived even quicker than I anticipated: the 300W UV led source I ordered from China. Although it was also laundry-and-house-cleaning day, I couldn’t resist giving it a go. And in particular, seeing how it would pitch against the bank of UV tubes I’ve had around for years. Here are my expectations when I ordered it: (1) higher total luminous flux, so shorter exposures, (2) better collimation, so less bleed and better detail rendering. How does it pan out, you think?

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