Trans-mission – A parts bin transmission densitometer

I’ve never owned a transmission densitometer. In fact, I consider myself as far too sloppy and undisciplined in the darkroom to be able to put one to good use – so why bother? Then again, sometimes it’s just convenient to be able to take a few quick and dirty measurements on a piece of film. And there’s always the parts bin full of stuff that surely could be fashioned into a densitometer, right? Right.

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Perfecting primaries – Another look at LED wavelengths for RA4 paper

Way back I explored the best wavelengths for exposing RA4 paper. In that blog entry, I pitched an idea of optimal wavelengths that I hadn’t tried yet. Well, I picked up the glove myself and I think the results could be pretty relevant. Read on, especially if you’re looking to purchase or build a LED exposure system for color enlargements.

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