Flipped – doing color negative inversions manually

One of the frustrating bits of digitizing color negatives is how to get the colors to come out right. At least, that’s how many people feel, and I can relate. There are many ways of doing this, and there’s also software dedicated to this purpose. Since scanning is a bit of sideshow for me, I make do with just the curves tool in GIMP.

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Not just muted – Vision3 250D colors

My interest in Vision3 films was initially sparked a few years ago because of the muted color palette it would give. So my exploration at that time focused on portraiture and other subject matter that I considered this film a good match for. But this is not to say that these films are necessarily limited to just muted, desaturated images with low contrast. Here’s an example.

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Rem-oval: getting rid of the remjet on Vision3 ECN2 film

Kodak Vision3 film is not really intended for still photography, but that doesn’t stop many photographers from using it. Companies like CineStill offer this film without the remjet layer, but I personally prefer the remjet-backed original. That of course does leave the challenge of dealing with the remjet when processing this film. Fortunately, this is pretty easy and it does not require any specialized chemistry or equipment.

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