Ciao from Sicily – Some postcards

I’ve participated in the postcard exchange on Photrio recently, and I thought I might share some of the cards I’ve sent out. The month prior to the exchange, we spent a few days on Sicily, so I decided to use some frames from that trip for the cards.

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Don’t look down – Getting your film x-rayed when flying

The impact of airport luggage scanning x-rays on photographic film has been debated ad nauseam. Many of those debates rarely involve much in terms of actual evidence. Apparently, the problem is feared much more than that it is encountered. Well, seems like I might have some news. Read on.

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Rolling – Gearing up DAS carbon printing

Yeah, I’ve been silent on my blog. In case you’re wondering: no, I haven’t given up on anything, given my recent struggles with DAS carbon. In fact, quite the opposite! Since figuring out (at least as far as I can tell, for now) the process limits, I’ve been shifting into gear with monochrome DAS carbon and it’s been going remarkably smoothly. “I Ate’nt Dead“, as Granny Weatherwax used to write!

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